Cotton Yarn Co, Ahmet ASLANSOY is a family owned company  formed in 1970, also produce  Open End yarns in 100% cotton, 50% polyester 50% cotton, 100% polyester, acrylic, cotton-acrylic blends and ecru yarn in the requested mixing ratios production over 180 employees who are fully committed to provide to clients with an excellent quality. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

Our company culture is based on the continuous improvement of our processes, constant investment in new 2018 type  machines with the latest technological advances and INNOVATION in new products to adapt us to the changing market conditions. We always defence “Quality product is  secret at INNOVATION”

Our business approach is based on long-term development, for this, we establish business relationships based on mutual trust with our customers and our cotton suppliers.

Despite being one of the oldest company  in the sector more than 50 years, we maintain a young and innovative spirit. Young, dynamic people make up this family company, where we try to satisfy and care each little detail. The human value of Ahmet ASLANSOY is one  of the most important advantages of this company.